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Local, small batch, made with care

Candles are made in small batches with premium soy wax, are Phthalate free, Vegan, carcinogen free, and cruelty free, unless otherwise specified in a candle description (example, a candle made with bees wax will not be Vegan and will be noted in that candle description).

All candles are topped with fragrances soaked lava beads. Most candles are also adorned with dried flowers and/or herbs. Note: 2021 Holiday/Fall candles only come topped with fragrance soaked lava beads.

Most candle accents (flowers, herbs, etc.) have been grown and dried from my garden. Some exceptions are coffee grounds and sage. 

Want a little candle backstory? Click "Read More."

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Snippet from "Our Story."

When the world shut down I still needed to create. I definitely took my craft, tattooing, for granted as it had proved a creative outlet for me for years. So, I committed to painting. At that point I was living in the woods, with my dog and no tv. I began a few paintings. As the world began to reopen my life shifted in so many ways 

those paintings took a back seat. 

Fast forward to my new, significantly lighter plate. I often return to inner child work, turning inward, and self study. In that space I asked myself what else I would enjoy doing that may be creative and be of service.


When the lights go out, we pull out the candle stash. They are great for emergencies, meditation, ambiance, fragrance can spark nostalgia and ease a mood. Yes!

I began R & D, scraping dollars together to keep the ball rolling. I dried flowers from my garden, decorating each candle. People loved them!

I began selling them at the local swanky "Corner Store." It began to blossom from there. I continue to research and develop my product, ever inspired to create an even better product, and create new ones! 

While I am back to the craft of tattooing, I continue to make candles and have picked up my brushes again! 

Want to read more about my story? Click the link below to read more. 

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