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Still Mountain Founder, Jami Bond

When the world shut down I still needed to create. I definitely took my craft, tattooing, for granted as it had proved a creative outlet for me for years. So, I committed to painting. At that point I was living in the woods, with my dog and no tv. I began a few paintings. As the world began to reopen my life shifted in so many ways over the following year and a half that those paintings took a back seat. 

Fast forward to my new, significantly lighter plate. In that space I asked myself what else I would enjoy doing that may be creative and be of service.


When the lights go out, we pull out the candle stash. They are great for emergencies, meditation, ambiance, fragrance can elicit nostalgia and ease a mood. Yes!

I began R & D, scraping dollars together to keep the ball rolling. I dried flowers from my garden, decorating each candle. People loved them! I began selling them at the local swanky "Corner Store." It blossomed from there. I continue to research and develop my product, ever inspired to create an even better product, and even new ones! 

As candles gained popularity, creating an online presence for my clients who did not live so close only made sense. This reminded me...I had a goal of creating an online store for selling copies of my paintings! BUT that meant I needed to complete a painting! Ugh! lol I glanced over to see Chryses (my Greek priest painting) staring at me with his epic eye roll, like he already knew. Time to get to work!! 

As I finished my first painting it was time to finalize my online store, and here we are. 

While you can purchase goods from my online store, I am also available for:

Art commissions

Tattoo commissions

Guided meditation seminars

Hosting wine/painting events 

Thank you for taking the time to connect with this space, with me, and with those in this circle.

Jami Bond, Owner/Artist/Sapien 

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